What is RAM-tegrity?

Since 2016 we’ve been calling Academic Integrity Week, “Ramtegrity Week.” Why? What is “Ramtegrity” anyway?

Simply put, Ramtegrity is our attempt to encourage CSU students to think of integrity as an essential part of their identity as a Ram.

When I joined CSU, it was obvious from the beginning that students take “being a Ram” very seriously. I wanted to honor that. Being a Ram IS something you should take seriously. It’s a way of encouraging the very best from ourselves and each other.

So, what does a student with integrity do? How do they show that they have Ramtegrity?

Over the course of this week, you’ll be hearing about the 5 principles of Ramtegrity, and you’ll be asked to reflect on these characteristics in your work at Colorado State.

A Ram:

  • Does honest work EVERY time.
  • Interacts boldly AND ethically with the ideas of others.
  • Chooses integrity even under challenging circumstances
  • Understands that academic integrity isn’t a technical problem, but that ethical citation and documentation STARTS with the desire to do the right thing.
  • Encourages others to make the right decision and models integrity for fellow students.

So, welcome to Ramtegrity Week! I hope you find some ideas and resources that help make integrity an essential part of who you are and what you do on our campus and beyond.


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